End-to-end Fraud Prevention

and Fraud Orchestration

Fraud.com sits in the background making it saffer for your customer to open an account, authenticate or transact, with zero friction and minimum fraud and when your customer needs to interact we are their to authenticate the real customer in under 1 second.

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ID Verification, Biometric Authentication & Age Verification Technology

Fcase is the method of connecting fraud tools and related systems, closing the gaps between anti-fraud, cyber, customer services and beyond. It is the combined central fraud layer that streamlines fraud operations, powers fraud automation, manages the customer journey and improves fraud prevention effectiveness.

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User Onboarding
Onboarding new customers quickly & efficiently is just as crucial as ensuring dishonest or prohibited people prevented from advancing.
Age Verification
A pop-up or tick box asking the website visitor if they are over 18 does not prove their age.
Passwordless Authentication
Protect your customers & employees identities with true Passwordless MFA via facial & voice verification & passive liveness detection.
KBA Replacement
AI-Powered facial verification & passive liveness detection intelligently match your live customer to their valid ID documents in seconds.
KYC & AML Compliance
As the global AML requirements tighten, it’s imperative to prove someone is who they say they are at the start and during the customer relationship.
Strong Customer Auth
Strong Customer Authentication is automated, natural to use, takes less than a second using face or voice biometrics, while eliminating fraud.

Fraud Prevention

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ID document verification
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AI Passive – Face Liveness Detection
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Man in the middle attack prevention
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AI Voice Verification
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AI Face Verification
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AI Passive – Voice Liveness Detection
Prevent Fraud

Password credentials are easily guessed or purchased on the dark web; cybercriminals can access a user’s account and penetrate other online accounts to maximize their return. Udentify deters fraudsters only authenticating the right person, using face and voice biometrics coupled with passive liveness detection for a more robust user experience that fraudsters despise and users adore.

Deter Fraudsters

Deter fraudsters and protect against spoofing attacks with advanced passive liveness detection that has achieved Level-2 certification for ISO 30107-3 iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing.

The digital Risk and
Trust Platform. Tomorrow’s fraud prevention today

Application Fraud Detection; Protection from all forms of application fraud, from account opening to credit applications. Occupational Fraud Detection; Your Ultimate defence against Internal Fraud, ensuring the safety and security of your business.

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Transactional Orchestration
Intelligently feed your fraud, identity & cyber solutions via one API & capture their risk signals, then combine them into a single risk score.
Adaptive Policy Engine
In-memory drag-and-drop context-aware rule editor that closely works with our behavioural models.
AI Engine
Supporting Supervised and adaptive unsupervised models with explainable Ai. Bring your own models too.
Journey Time Orchestration
Ingest, normalise and drive customer, user, and vendor digital journeys via a drag-and-drop journey-time editor.
Dynamic Case Management
All-in-one omni-channel fraud case management that connects the dots between people, process, and data.
Threat-Centric Cases
Groups cases and events by threat. Enabling a more effective and efficient investigation team.

Our AI Engine

aiReflex determines which transactions are legitimate in real-time using a multi-layer defence coupled with explainable AI to fight fraud and improve customer trust.

~ 80% effective from day one

Our ready-to-go AI engine conducts a detailed analysis of your transactional data in real-time to deliver unmatched risk scoring accuracy.

The multi-layer defence identifies suspicious transactions using our adaptive machine learning algorithms and next-generational behavioural engine to create hyper granular profiles for every individual to identify abnormal behaviour.

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Open model architecture

Our AI Engine supports PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language). You can upload and use your models with a single click.

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Explainable AI

aiReflex AI Engine decisions are explainable. Our Visual Customer Behavioural Data helps you to understand and interpret predictions made by the AI Engine.

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Sandbox Simulation

Design new models and inspect their impact against historical data before approval and going live.

Our Fraud Orchestration
and Management solution
for financial institutions

Fcase is the method of connecting fraud tools and related systems, closing the gaps between anti-fraud, cyber, customer services and beyond. It is the combined central fraud layer that streamlines fraud operations, powers fraud automation, manages the customer journey and improves fraud prevention effectiveness.

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Centralised Fraud Automation
Forming a single customer view to Permit, Block, Check Manually, Evaluate Trust during the customer journey while driving fraud operational efficiencies.
Centralised Case
One final fraud prevention layer delivers a full picture of fraud, conducting the research and presenting the results automatically by threat, improving investigation accuracy and operational efficiency up to 9x.
Centralised Fraud
With fcase, users can create reports based on any data criteria orchestrated, therefore delivering 100s of reports to give you the insight you need to manage fraud effectively.

Our AI Engine

Fraud prevention forms an integral function for customer success, one strategy coupled with continued risk and trust assessment, means more control, happier customers at reduced operational overheads.
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Fraud mission control

A single view of fraud delivering investigations, compliance and fraud reporting with a single source of the truth.

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Fraud storyboards

See the big picture with the full story of fraud via flexible fraud investigation storyboards.

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Data orchestration

Intelligently unite all your fraud, transactional and customer care systems.

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Fraud automation

Intelligent alert assignment, third party plugin integration, orchestrated fraud rules.

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Common fraud framework

A common reference model, delivering improved business impact and cross-functional alignment across your whole enterprise.

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Fraud APIs

Data is the core of everything, with one common fraud framework and APIs across your whole enterprise.

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Fraud reporting

Fraud reporting that spans your entire fraud prevention enterprise from where what and how to fraud operations performance.

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Smart loopback

Feedback fraud results in downstream fraud prevention system(s) delivering crucial insight for machine learning.

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Compliance Reporting

Via a common fraud and risk framework, PSD2 fraud reporting comes as standard, furthermore delivering the insight on fraud across your enterprise to support fraud compliance operations.

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Built from the ground up for large volumes, fcase easily scales as your business grows, we offer several deployment methods including on-premises, cloud, and a hybrid of both.

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