Ensure Your
Operational Security

Cybersecurity Operations Center provides 24/7 monitoring and surveillance to manage organizations' cybersecurity.

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What is SOC service?

In today's world, cyber threats and attacks are becoming increasingly complex. Timely detection of these threats and taking effective preventive measures, as well as proactive measures, have become as important as reactive measures. To take these measures, the concept of Security Operations Center (SOC) has emerged in our country simultaneously with global authorities, and SOC processes have been initiated to ensure and support the security operations of organizations.

Trying to carry out this process within the organization brings a high-cost investment. Therefore, Gais Cyber Security provides SOC operation as a service.


Ensure and support your security
with Gais Cyber Security SOC Team.

GSOC utilizes the technologies used during operations competently with its own skilled personnel, correlates them, and identifies the most appropriate tools for the institution it serves, within the requirements of the organization.

Competent personnel

Vocational Training Guidance and Control


Incident response products, monitoring products such as Firewall IPS/IDS, endpoint threat intelligence such as Forensic - Penetration Testing.

Soc Castle


Strategy development and implementation, Operational control, Healthy communication with the client.


Preparation, Detection and Classification, Control and Improvement, Incident Response.

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