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purple team

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Purple Team involves the tactical and improvement activities developed by combining offensive and defensive approaches.

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What is Purple Team?

Purple Team is a coordination team that ensures the effective management of Red Team and Blue Team. This team works to optimize attack requests, vulnerabilities, and techniques from the Red Team, as well as defense techniques and controls from the Blue Team.

By analyzing the results and overseeing the necessary corrective actions, they implement the outputs and aim to maximize the value added to corporate security by providing stronger defenses.

Purple team

Set Up Your Security Shield
with Purple Team.

Why Purple Team?

To dynamically manage your cybersecurity systems and team most efficiently.

What Purple Team provide?

It enables a big picture view from both the Red Team and Blue Team perspectives.

How does it work with other teams?

It aims to test and understand the threats scripted within the Red Team plan. Scenarios may include attacks such as zero-day, ransomware, or other unique attacks.

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