Discovery of DLL Hijack on Trend Micro AntiVirus+ | CVE-2018-18333

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Discovery of DLL Hijack on Trend Micro AntiVirus | CVE 2018

SECURITY BULLETIN: Trend Micro Security (Consumer) 2019 DLL Hijacking Vulnerability

Vulnerability details: We have 2 scenarios for DLL Hijacking. The first is Trend Micro’s self-protection module is not active immediately after installation or startup, and service & agent applications load DLL without checking the security of loaded files. The second is Trend Micro Installer try load DLL from its current location without checking the security of DLL.

For security reasons, the technical details of PoCs will not be shared.

Applications that cause vulnerability :

  • coreServiceShell.exe
  • uiWatchDog.exe
  • uiSeAgnt.exe
  • uiWinMgr.exe
  • TTi_12.0_TAV_Full.exe

List of DLLs that are dynamically tested and succeeded:

  • secur32.dll
  • sensapi.dll
  • GPAPI.dll
  • UxTheme.dll
  • TextInputFramework.dll
PoC 1 : Attacker gain privilege with malicious DLL(TextInputFramework.dll)
PoC 2 : Attacker can exploit service app’s
Kağan Işıldak       20.01.2019

Kağan Işıldak

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